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Come and walk with us, 

In this wonder-filled journey, 

To be seekers of wisdom, 

Finders of knowledge, 

Keepers of Mother Earth.


Be a wanderer, Be a finder. 

Be the future keepers

of humanity.

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A Natural Girl

Our Vision & Mission


To immerse children in the natural world for holistic learning and to break down the walls for real-life education.


Little Urban Forest is devoted to provide children with natural educational experiences and

develop positive identity formation with nature, community and self. 

We are also dedicated to promoting education for sustainability and environmental awareness. 


Big Tree


What makes us Different

Established in 2019, Little Urban Forest preschool was founded on the belief that Mother Nature is the greatest teacher on earth, a natural force that inspires humanity to seek, learn and uncover the mysteries of life and its creations on earth.


More than ever, it has become tremendously vital for our children to embrace explorative learning in the great outdoors where it leads to understanding of the ecosystem, the forces

of nature and the relationship of everything around them. 


Ultimately, our programme is designed with the aim of immersing children with nature.

Our intention is to instil children with positive attitude towards nature and the essential skill sets for life through environmental education and sustainability practices. 

We look forward to inspiring children to be future role models who would make conscious and positive transformations to the world and humanity; A childhood built on nature.  

Meet our team

Meet Our


We are a vigorous team who loves culture and diversity, passionate in life and in what we do. Empowered by a zest for life, a love for nature and animals, and an affection for outdoor adventures, we believe in the importance of children playing and learning in the outdoors.

The Facilitator

  • Our educators are more of a ‘facilitator’ rather than a ‘teacher’.


  • We do not instruct or direct children of what they should do, however, we facilitate and support children in their learning and development.


  • The educators will present opportunities for activities and observe children’s possible interest with no forecasted or fixed outcome, as we value the process of learning more than the result.


  • We also spark engagement by modelling positive attitude towards nature play.


  • We provide a rich environment for children’s inherent curiosity to go wild.

The Observer

  • Once the children are absorbed in self-initiated exploration, the educator steps back to give them space and opportunity to play and explore with minimal interference. This gives educators a chance to observe and determine children’s interest, interaction, and identify learning patterns in order to reinforce future learning.

Mutual learners

  • Our educators get dirty, create, discover, learn, uncover knowledge, celebrate and cheer alongside the children they work with to boost children’s confidence, self-esteem and motivation to learn. We intend to break the barrier between ‘teacher’ and ‘student’ used in the conventional education system. 

role of our educators


Chloe Khor


Chloe holds a MSc in Child Development from University College London, Institute of Education, and a BSc in Psychology from University of Leeds.


Her experience in Early Childhood industry as a Principal and training in preschools in Malaysia, Singapore and United Kingdom has enabled her to mentor and train many educators in curriculum and leadership roles. Prior to starting Little Urban Forest, Chloe attended the Forest School Leader Training conducted by Sarah Blackwell, the founder of Forest School Education in the UK, and is certified in the Permaculture Design Course by acclaimed Permaculturist, Rosemary Morrow, at UCSI University. 


Chloe is passionate at providing a childhood that is memorable, where children learn based on their own interest, and the process of learning is fun and stress-free for both children and teachers. She also believes that building strong parent-school relationships will enhance children’s developmental journey at Little Urban Forest. 


Amos Ho

Safety and Risk

Management Consultant

Amos' love for the outdoor required him to make some big changes in life. He left his career as an investment banker to pursue his lifelong dream of inspiring others about life through the outdoors. An avid rock climber, mountain trekker and all-round outdoorsman, Amos is technically sound with our adventure gears.


As the safety and risk management consultant, Amos conducts weekly Survival Skill Programmes with our children, and is a certified Wilderness First Responder who supports us in teacher-training. He also ensures that each outdoor adventure we go on with our children is conducted in a safe and enjoyable environment. 

Swimming Sun
Mei MHPS.jpg

Khor Mei Mei

Clinical Psychologist, Curriculum Advisor

Mei Mei holds a MSc in Clinical Psychology from HELP University, and a BA in Psychology from University of Southern California. She is currently a clinical psychologist at Mahkota Medical Centre, Malacca. She is the lead and core representative in a multidisciplinary team who provides comprehensive services to children with developmental, social and behavioural concerns.


She is qualified in administering psychological assessments to determine children’s social, emotional and learning needs, in order to develop optimal learning environment and promote the wellbeing of children. With her profound experience, she vets through our curriculum to ensure that our children are learning in their best mental states and to ensure their overall well-being.


She also conducts workshops and trainings to increase public awareness on mental health of children and adults.

We believe in purposeful partnerships. 

This is what makes us unique. Apart from our primary learning approaches, we collaborate with like-minded organisations locally and globally to provide limitless exposure and a wholesome educational experience for us and our children.   



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Education & Sustainability partner

The first of its kind in Malaysia,
We have formed a unique collaboration with The Faculty of Science, UM Eco-Campus & Living Labs. A partnership to inspire and educate our children, parents and the community on environmental awareness.

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Consultant & education partner

Our specialist in forest education, safety, risk management and survival skill programme. Only at LUF, we conduct survival skill programmes for children where they engage in hands on activities to complement our weekly excursions in nearby forest sites. Children are given opportunities to put knowledge into practice, be resilient, independent and risk takers.

We are inspired through peer-to-peer learning that continuously supports us in expanding our knowledge and skills. We connect and welcome meaningful engagements and collaborations with the community in relation to conservation of nature, environmental education, community projects and many more.

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Friends of



My Kampung Life

Friends of community

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Friends of community


   Little Urban Forest
   66, Jalan Taman Bukit Desa, Taman Bukit Desa,

   58100 Kuala Lumpur.


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