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Welcome to the Little urban forest

A Living Classroom
Like No Other

Introducing Kuala Lumpur’s first urban forest preschool for children

2 - 6 years old, where a unique partnership with mother nature and an extraordinary early childhood outdoor learning experience unfolds. 

In Little Urban Forest, the learning environment is always alive and no two days are the same. We invite children to daily outdoor adventures, encourage hands-on learning, be very curious of their surroundings and be in touch with all their senses.


Established in 2019, Little Urban Forest preschool was founded on the belief that Mother Nature is the greatest teacher on earth. More than ever, it has become tremendously vital for children to embrace explorative learning in the great outdoors.

Our programmes are designed with the aim of immersing children in nature and to instil them with a positive attitude and the essential skill sets for life. We look forward to inspiring children to be future role models who would make conscious and positive transformations to the world and humanity.

Key developmental areas for our children

Research highlights a significant impact on children’s behavior and wellbeing through outdoor learning. 

and mental

& self-awareness

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Higher level
cognitive skills
& academic success

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Our environment

Our sessions are conducted on-site. We also go on weekly outdoor excursion to a forest site near us. We offer place-based learning, meaning we visit the same forest regularly, to provide children with familiarity while encouraging them to recognise and understand the changes in nature.

OUR Learning Approaches

Utilise local woodlands to hold outdoor activities all year round to cultivate children’s connection with nature.

Children have regular access to the same natural space and engage in place-based, play-based, child-led and inquiry-based learning approaches.

We recognise children as competent and capable learners.

We support children to identify, assess and manage risk. Opportunities to experience risk is regarded as an essential part of learning and healthy growth.

We treasure the process of learning more than the result.

Forest School education fosters children’s communication skills, problem-solving, confidence, risk-taking, enhances immune system, and develops environmentally sustainable behaviours.

Weekly forest

Nature-based learning

Learn crucial LIFE skills

Play and learn in nature

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their own food

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